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Deep Diving Simulator DevBlog #1


Hello everyone!


Allow us to greet you in our very first Development Blog of Deep Diving Simulator!

The oceans and seas are one of the most mysterious parts of our world filled with vivid sea life, uncharted territories, with old mysteries yet to be solved and new ones not even discovered. With Deep Diving Simulator, we want to invite you to a experience of what a professional diver has to face each and every day. 


Deep Diving Simulator Screenshot

Our adventurous player will have to be aware of their oxygen level at all times. Additionally, players can’t forget that diving or resurfacing too quickly can lead to the dreaded decompression sickness, so going slow and steady would be highly recommended. 

During your adventure you will visit breathtaking sites, explore sunken vessels, discover amazing species and most of all - you will help Professor Adams in his quest! You may even discover things that many have spend their entire lifetimes searching for!

You can expect us to hang around as we love engaging with the community, so we would be extremely grateful for participating in the Steam discussions. Introduce yourself and let us know what are your expectations as well as feel free to voice your opinion on things you would want to see in our game! We are always listening to the community! :)

Deep Diving Simulator is coming in April!

Until next time everyone, the next Dev Blog should be a bit longer than this one! :)